Thursday, 17 October 2019

Weekly News 17th October 2019

This week, we have continued to tell the story of Boudicca in our extended writing. We have been using expanded noun phrases, paragraphs and pronouns. Next half term, we will tell the story of the Romans in Britain in our class assembly. This will be  on the 4th November at 2.30pm.

We have also looked at what the Romans brought us. we were amazed to find out that they brought us stinging nettles and cats.

We have completed our eggshell experiments and have found out that orange juice is as bad for our teeth as Coke.

We will not be giving out the homework books this week, so that you can have a more relaxing holiday, but feel free to continue practicing your times tables. The children are really enjoying using Times Tables Rock Stars. Don't forget that you can also access Bug Club at home.

Have a lovely half term!

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Weekly News 10th October 2019

This week, we have been pulling together our English work from this term by retelling the Boudicca story in our own words. The children have loved learning this story and have been learning how to use paragraphs, extended noun phrases and pronouns.

In maths we have been practicing formal method for subtraction and have been learning how to exchang tens and hundreds to help us.

In science, we have investigated the effects that different liquids have on our teeth by experimenting on eggshells. The children are currently making careful observations of their experiments.

We are currently trialing 'Times Tables Rock stars to help the children learn their tables.The children have all been given  logon IDs. Please help your child to access this at home: . 

Don't forget that next week is the end of half term and we shall be testing the children on the 66 tables facts. The target for all children is to get at least one more than they got last time.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Weekly News 3rd October

This week, we have continued to think about the Romans and their impact on the British Isles. We have had some amazing home learning around this to look at and have been really pleased by how much support the children are getting at home.

The children have had fun this week making roman style clay pots as well as imagining that they are Romans hunting the dangerous outlaw, Boudicca.

In maths, we are learning formal methods for adding together larger numbers. Next week, we will be doing the same for subtraction.

Please remember that the children will be doing Rugby for the next few weeks and will be going out in all weathers. Please can you make sure that they have warm P.E. kit to wear.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Weekly News 26th September 2019

We have had another brilliant week in year 4.

On Friday, we went to the Time and Tide museum, where we experienced living in Roman Britain. We were slaves to a rich Roman lady, we were Celtic druids making potions, we were Roman legionnaires and we were Iceni warriors with blue painted faces. The children behaved brilliantly and were given a great platform for our work in Topic and English.

In maths, we are ordering numbers in the thousands. If your child would like to practice, this is a good game that they can try at home:  click here .

Don't forget that your child has access to a brilliant reading resource: Bug Club. They can check their logon details in class if they are unsure. They also have a logon to Education City, details of which are stuck into their home learning books (Giraffes will go in next week).

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Weekly News 19.09.19

        In Topic this week we have been looking at timelines and thinking about what AD and BC (CE and BCE) actually mean.
       This week all the children have made their own story book, including beautiful illustrations during Art. These are nearly finished and we have been very impressed with their work and creativity so far.
       In Maths, we have continued to work on place value, including thousands.
       Don't forget it is our trip to the Time and Tide Museum tomorrow, so all the children will need a packed lunch. Please could they wear school uniform and they need to being a coat please.

       Ms Taylor has very much enjoyed working in Year 4 this week.
       Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Hello all, and welcome to another new year!

We have made a flying start and the children have come into school keen and ready to learn.

We have started our topic 'I am Warrior', which is all about the Romans in Britain. You will know by now that we will be taking the children to the Time and Tide museum in Yarmouth, where we will find out about the Romans and the Celtic rebellion.

On Friday, your child will bring hone their Home Learning book. In it, you will find a range of learning activities for you and your child to complete at home. We would like the book returned every Wednesday, please, so that we can send it back out on Friday.

In the home learning book, you will also find 10 activities that your child can do. The are a National Trust initiative that we have adopted in school as a way of broadening the childrens' experience.

Your child also has a reading record book, which we would also like to collect in on Wednesday. Please encourage your child to keep a record of what they are reading and what you are reading to them. Feel free to include any comments on the reading.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Weekly News 18th July 2019

As the year steams towards its end, we have been very busy in year 4.

We have had a full week of SRE and have learned about families, relationships and areas of our bodies that our private. We have thought about appropriate touching and we have practised saying 'no' in lots of different scenarios. We will continue to think about the changes in puberty and the mechanics of reproduction.

We are finishing our 'Road Trip USA' topic by thinking about the culture of native American people and making totem poles out of clay and paper.

In maths, we have been learning how to use co-ordinates to describe and translate shapes.

In science, we created and carried out our own investigations into jumping, running and climbing.

We are looking forward to the fun run tomorrow afternoon on the Common.

Please could the children bring in plastic bags on Tuesday, so that they can take home all of their lovely work.