Friday, 10 July 2020

13th July

Hi Year 4, we hope you had a lovely week and a fun weekend.  Here's your last week of home learning before the summer holidays: 😄


This week your task is to  finish your retelling of the story of Beowulf. You can add pictures as you go along if you like. Good luck!! We hope you produce a fantastic story. 

There are two spelling sheets to finish off the term. Here and here are your last spellings from the National Curriculum words for year 4. 


 Here are the videos for this week. Here is the Year 4 maths for this week and here are the answers. 
 Here are the Year 5 videos, if you want to challenge yourself. Here are the worksheets and here are the answers.
If you would like some more challenge, have a go at this: (there is an interactive peg board at the bottom of the page)


To finish our topic we would love you to enjoy making some lovely Viking art and crafts. Here are some images to inspire you: